Shitala Mata Temple, Agamkuan Mandir,Patna

Shitala Mata Temple, Agamkuan Mandir,Patna

Shitla Mata Temple is situated in Archaeological site of  Agam Kuan in Patna near Gulzarbagh adjacent to “Ashoka’s Well”. This temple is also known as Agamkuan Mandir .The temple houses the idol of Shitla Devi ,an incarnation of Goddess Durga, and pindas of the “saptamatrikas” representing the seven mother goddess, it is also known as shaktipeeth of Durga. “Shitala” literally means cool, so people worship Shitala Mata for mental peace and prosperity. It’s a belief that Shitla Devi has the power to cure smallpox and chicken pox and wish fulfilment. The temple is very old though exact date cannot be ascertained. Many marriages are held here during the auspicious months. It is one of the most visited temples in Patna.The water from the well is used to perform all the rituals at this temple. The well , called Agam Kuan, was  built by King Ashoka in 240 BC and as per the local belief, it has 9 smaller wells inside it and a hidden treasure at its base. Agam Kuan, which literally mean "Unfathomable Well", is another historical monument existing till date from the Mauryan times. It is believed that the famed Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka had built this well to torture the enemies.

The site once contained several ancient and medieval sculptures. Of these, at least one was that of the Yaksha of the Mauryan art-affiliation. However, the statues have no existing record as of now.


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