Someshwar Nath Temple, Areraj ,Bihar

Someshwar Nath Temple , Areraj :-

At Areraj, 30 km south of Motihari is  Someshwar Nath temple of Lord Shiva. Old shivling of the temple is Panch Mukhi.The platform of  garve grih of the temple is  7’ above the ground level. Mandaleshwar Mahadeo temple at Mundeshwari Devi temple in Kaimur is the oldest temple in Bihar and Someshwarnath Mahadeo temple at Areraj occupies the second place. Shivlingam of Someshwarnath temple is flat and it denotes that it belongs to Kushan era. This temple is ancient where devotees come with traditional prasad of 'rote'.
'Shiv Puran' refers that King Som constructed this 55 feet high temple.Some historian believe that Some nomenclature came from Chandragupta Maurya whose birth place Pipra (old Piplikanan) is very near to Areraj. He established  the Shivling  for his worship so the name Someshwar. Another mythological story is that lord Moon or Chandra himself established this ling ,on command of Agastya rishi to get rid of some bad omen.

  The temple has big land premises with statues of Parwati,Shiv, Ganesh,Lakshmi,Durga,Vishnu,and Hanuman etc. There is a Parwati kund where thakurbari of Radha-Krishna is situated. Samadhiasthal of 18 Mahanthas is also there to be looked at.


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